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Welcome to Marie-Chantal's stories. Designed for a light and easy read over a cup of hot-chocolate and snuggles with your little ones. This month's issue delivers inspiration and tips to dazzle and shine for the party season! November is the month for reading books by the fire and an equally an exciting time for Children with plenty of fun to look forward to. From crafts, baking recipes and home-décor ideas to upgrading an outfit from dull to delightful, Marie-Chantal Stories has a range of topics to suit everyone this November.

Winter Home Decoration Ideas

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When the weather holds a frosty bite and daylight seeps away at 4pm, Winter has crept its way in. Peering through the window, it's easy to get side-tracked by the gloom however there is an easy cure to your Winter blues. 

Detach your attention from the harsh Winter winds by giving your home a quick update. Rearranging and adding some bright and bold pieces will deliver warmth into your home. 

Despite the dreary shadows which ensues with cold weather, we recommend following a muted compilation of Grey, Mushroom-Beige and Shell-Pink, allowing the cold to thread through each piece and dissolve in the lush fabrics and textures. This palette also compliments and brightens against dark wood flooring and plain and vacant room walls.

Explore the below mood board to draw some light and snugness into your abode this Winter. 

40 White Star Lights from Lights4fun, £6.99 - Multipurpose, easy to use and instant results. Fairy lights, come in many shapes and sizes to suit purpose, are super user-friendly and can add an instant glowing buzz into any room. Coil into a light orb in a glass dome and place in the centre of your coffee table or around a fireplace hearth. Fairy lights have the magic to deliver illumination and zap a festive spell wherever it is adorned.

Faux Fur Throw from John Lewis, £40 and various patterned cushions from John Lewis, price varies - A simple technique to prepare for the chilly breeze this season is cushioning and layering. Choose cushions with textures, preferably geometric pleats and folds or simple bead and lace handiwork and faux fur throws with a subtle pattern to add a luxurious touch to your Winter escape. 

Kiko Decorative Mirror from Amara, £50 - Attached to Winter are days with short daylight. Maximise sunlight and encourage light into all corners of the corner with some intricately carved or shaped mirrors across a large span of wall-space. 

Evening Vase from Anthropologie, £38 - Make a statement with a statement ornament vase. Whether you leave it as a solitary piece or to hold preserved flowers, choose one with a shiny surface to attract and deflect light across the room. The placement is important in order to maximise its impact. For an example, tall vases should be placed beside a set of drawers akin to height or in a corner whereas smaller sized vases would suggest its destination to be at the centre of the dining table, coffee table, bedside table or a set of cupboards. 

Diptyque Classic Set of Three Mini Candles from Liberty London, £65 - Besides appeasing the visual appetite with accessories and decor, scent is also highly attributable to feeling warm and cosy. Fill the space with rich and musky aromas of spices or if you prefer some mellow scents, try Pear, White Cedar Wood or White Alba Rose.This set of Classic mini candles by Diptyque offers a selection of scents to suit your mood and your home. 

Gold Orchid Easel Frame from Neiman Marcus, £121.35 - Photos are made for cherishing and embodies and captures moments of emotions and memories once explored. Placing these on display in intricately designed and artistic frames auto-generates fondness and family warmth within your home as the saying goes: a photo speaks a thousand words. 

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